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Win a Portrait AND Beat Cancer! Here’s How:


Cancer sucks.  And when you’re six and a half and you’ve been getting chemos and lumbar punctures and crazy steroids and numerous pokes for two years and you still have a year to go, well… that really sucks. Every year, my best friend and her family join in the CN Cycle for CHEO fundraiser event […]

Daily Painting Challenge: Day 2. It was a challenge.


Um, yeah.  Gablah.  Today was not so easy to get going with my painting. I had a lovely visit from my mom & stepdad today.  I did the homeschooling stuff.  (Learning to read is hard work, people!  Especially when your twin keeps shouting out the answers and then your mom notices that you’re not actually […]

Daily Painting Challenge: Day 1


I have an unreasonable, vague fear that sometimes paralyzes me when I think of painting. My goal is to stop listening to it.  So, today, I’m committing to painting every day.  No matter what.  I’m just going to show up with my brushes and my paints and my willingness and see what happens. That video […]

Dog Portraits and the Fine Art of Surviving Fur Drawing


We were so sick this winter!  I’ve lost count of the bouts we had with achey flu-like illnesses and colds.  And, of course, having seven of us in the family means that it took forever for each virus to run its course.  So when I look back on the winter and I wonder, “Where did […]

What My Stages of Drawing Look Like


This is how I draw.  First, I lightly block in the shapes and shadows, paying special attention to proportions and how each element relates to its surroundings.  I try to set it up as accurately as possible, but I know I’ll likely change things slightly during the filling-in process later. (This particular piece is a […]