How to Enjoy Winter

choose wonder


Did you know?  Most Canadians spend the entire winter complaining about the snow, or resenting those few who actually enjoy it.

I’ve been a bit of both, myself.  Snow is, after all, terribly inconvenient.  It’s a make-work project.  Imagine shoveling the same square feet of space every day for three months, gaining nothing except the possibility of more shoveling.  Yeah, that’s snow.  And we love to grumble about it.

Then there are those of us who shall remain nameless except to say that they’re sporty, and they actually like going outside in the cold because they make their own fun.  What?!?

But after the dreary post-time-change days of grey skies and early darkness, getting our first snowfall today has reminded me of something.  There are some things I like about snow.

Driving home last night through thick skies of glowing white dots hurtling at my windshield like stars past the Enterprise, I remembered.  It may be hypnotizing and dangerous, but it’s also beautiful.  There’s nothing like the glowing dance of snowflakes under a street light.

Waking up this morning to excited cries from my children, I remembered.  I may have to shovel it off the ground, but then it provides hours of entertainment to the young at heart.

I can feel the glow of the snow in my kitchen.  As I sit here, typing, it’s behind me, creeping in through the windows.  The light.  It’s magnified and bounced around, and now it comes, not only from the sky, but from all directions.  The earth is glowing.  Even on the cloud-covered days when the sky hangs like a low grey ceiling, I still have to squint when I go outside because the world is just too brilliant.

Maybe snow is actually God’s gift to us to get us through the long, dark winter.  “Let’s cover the earth with billions of tiny, glowing refractors of light so that when the sun is absent, there’s still light.  And let’s make it fall from the sky in a stunning dance.  And let’s make it sparkle, and glow, and cover everything in white.  You know what?  Let’s even make it fun to play with.  They’ll love it!”

And I see Him picturing our delighted faces, like the happy glow I saw in my son’s eyes this morning.

What wonder!  What marvel!  The gifts that we have all around us, if only we have eyes to see and hearts like little children.

Maybe snow is only inconvenient because we’re so busy rushing everywhere on our schedules, and we don’t have time for God’s tiny wonders.  Which I totally get.  My husband does have to be on time for work, and we do have appointments to go to.  Our culture is a reality of our lives.  But.

I’m going to protect the wonder in my heart.

I want to look for God’s hand at work all around me.

I’m going to enjoy the snow this winter.

(Remind me of this in two months, would you?  Thanks.)