My Work Might Suck, and That’s Okay

Getting back into drawing and painting has been a long journey for me.  I have been too tired, too busy, too discouraged, and to stressed out for too long.

For so many years, I thought I could be a great artist.  But at the same time, I was terrified that if I actually tried, I’d discover I wasn’t so great, after all.

Well, it’s been a long journey towards finding courage and being okay with failing.  Learning how to try, and try again, instead of giving up at the first sign of trouble.  Most of the change has been done in my head — in my thoughts, my beliefs, my expectations.

Now, I want to actually dive in to the gifts God has given me.  I want to stop saying no to the parts of me that could be the best.  I want to try, and fail, and try again.  I want to persevere through the tough bits in order to master this skill.

I think this could be the most difficult and brave things I’ve ever done.  I know I’m going to need constant encouragement, so I’m going to seek it out.

Today, here’s one of those things that has inspired me to keep going.

Isn’t that just the best?  It’s exactly what I needed to hear today.

Please, keep reminding me that I need to just make a huge body of work — that I might feel sucks — before I can get to a place of mastery.

What’s holding you back from doing what you were made for?  Have you been trapped by fear, like me?

Don't Stop.  Mastery takes time.  Do the work.