Daily Painting Challenge: Day 2. It was a challenge.

Um, yeah.  Gablah.  Today was not so easy to get going with my painting.

I had a lovely visit from my mom & stepdad today.  I did the homeschooling stuff.  (Learning to read is hard work, people!  Especially when your twin keeps shouting out the answers and then your mom notices that you’re not actually reading anything.   Shoot.)  I checked my Facebook and read the very important articles posted there by all the people.

And all the while, I looked forward to painting.  And then I started to worry I wouldn’t get to it.  And then I thought, well maybe it’ll have to wait until tomorrow.  And then: But I committed.  I said I would.

So, at 7:30 pm, I got out my brushes.  I chose a new subject.  I grabbed a dollar-store canvas.  (I wondered how the lack of quality that must exist in a dollar-store canvas would manifest itself.)

And I started.

Here, today, is my painting.  I did it.  I showed up.  I got some underpainting done, and then I added a glaze over it to brighten it up (not shown in this photo, though).  I’ve been saying I want to work on my portrait skills, so here I go.  You can see my cute subject in the back.  I can’t wait to get to those freckles!

Underpainting.  Getting started.  amandaschwabe.com


p.s.  The particular dollar-store canvas is poorly stretched.  It’s a little wiggly, not taught on the frame.  Now we know.