Win a Portrait AND Beat Cancer! Here’s How:

Cancer sucks.  And when you’re six and a half and you’ve been getting chemos and lumbar punctures and crazy steroids and numerous pokes for two years and you still have a year to go, well… that really sucks.

Every year, my best friend and her family join in the CN Cycle for CHEO fundraiser event to support her son, Luke.  The money goes right to the hospital that is giving him the incredible care that he needs.  You can read all about it here.

Now, I really want to help them reach their goal.  Better yet, I’d like to blow their goal out of the water.  But I need your help.

See the blog post for all the details.

What I’m proposing is this:  I will draw from all the donors who give $20 or more to any member of their team, Lacing ‘Em Up For Luke.  You must leave a message with your donation saying I sent you.  That’s right, all you have to do is donate at least $20 and leave that message.  And you’ll be entered to win your choice of the following:

One 8 x 10 pencil portrait of one subject.  Think newborn, toddler, niece, nephew, grandma, grandpa, pet, goldfish — whatever.  I will draw your chosen subject from a photo that you send me via email.  Easy peasy.


One 16 x 20 painting (acrylic on canvas) of your choice of still life or landscape.  Would you like your backyard, your favourite view, or a vacation vista immortalized in paint?  No problem.  Are you obsessed with yarn like me?  Let me paint your favourite skein.  Do you love your grandma’s teacups?  Yes, I’ll paint those, too.  Do you need a Mother’s Day gift of your mom’s favourite flower?  Pick one subject; it’s your choice.  (The only caveat here is that I will not paint a portrait of a person or animal; I still need to practice those a bit more before offering them to the public.)

Have a peek at my portfolio to get some ideas of what I can do for you.

For each multiple of $50 you donate, I’ll add your name to the draw again.  Donate $150, get entered 3 times.  Make sense?  But yes, you may donate only $20 to get that first entry.  I want to encourage lots and lots of donations!

For any winner in the Ottawa area, I’ll arrange to deliver your finished piece.  If you live outside that area, you’ll have to pay for shipping.  UNLESS you donate $150 or more.  In that case, I’ll pay for shipping myself, and gladly.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

And please, by all means, share this with all your friends.  The goal here is to raise lots of money for CHEO’s oncology unit.  So show me what you can do!  If you can’t donate much, sharing this with your friends is a great way to help a good cause.

There is a time limit to this.  The Cycle takes place this Sunday, May 4, 2014.  So please donate right away!  You won’t get many chances like this from me, either.  Imagine, getting a $150 – $250 painting for a small donation of $20!

So what do you think?  Are you in?  Leave me a comment and let me know.