There are simply things we cannot say sometimes.  They’re too embarrassing, shameful, or hurtful to others.  Or our hearts are fragile, and we’re afraid to share them fully.

Anonymity provides a layer of safety, a place where we can be fully honest and fully ourselves.

If you’ve every been to a recovery meeting, you may know the freedom it can bring.  There is nothing like the acceptance that can be found in a room full of fully-honest, real people, who are not there to judge you but to get help.  Just like you.

This is why I originally decided to write in anonymity.  But as you can see, I’ve changed my mind.  My face and my name are here for everyone to see.  I am absolutely terrified, honestly.  I’m scared that I won’t be as honest or vulnerable now, and that my friends and acquaintances will think differently of me.  But this is what I am: a writer, an encourager, and an over-sharer.  I’ve learned, by confessing my innermost fears, that most of us share the same hurts, worries, and hang ups.  And we are all so relieved to hear that “we’re not the only ones!”

So if you’re struggling along with me, maybe my stories can speak to yours.  Without judgment, shame, or fear.  Let’s journey this road together.  I’ll be the one to say it out loud.

If you choose to leave a comment on any of my posts, feel free to do so anonymously, if that makes you feel more comfortable.  But I expect you to be real, and kind.  I’ll do my best to be the same.





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